‘No flower is the same in texture, color or in the manner in which it grows. We want to make bouquets of materials that should be able to grow as it wants to grow, not in a way that is forced by us’
Fotografie: Tjitske van Leeuwen

Fotografie: Tjitske van Leeuwen

 about HAAS

For each new assignment Hanna and Sara receive, they first develop a clear concept with their clients in order to be able to carefully select and arrange the right kinds of flowers. 

If your interested in working with us, just let us know! We'd love to send you more information about our step-by-step process as well as some of our general pricing.

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Hanna and Sara met each other while working at the Film Academy in Amsterdam.

With years of experience concerning film and photography they were able to discover the special powers and influences that flowers have in space. 

The creations of HAAS are not only contemporary and original; they can become a stylish addition for events extending beyond film, such as weddings and elegant parties.

The designs of HAAS incorporate are wildly original, yet refined, due to the combination of natural materials, exciting shapes and forms, and attractive use of colour. 



Home & Garden Magazine NR 10. 2015

Bloemen van HAAS for: Bloemenbureau Holland, Bezige Bij, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Hete Peper, FOAM, Stichting Museumnacht, Tropenmuseum, Verzetsmuseum, Concertgebouw, Scheepvaartmuseum, De Brauw Blackstone, ING, ZUID Antwerpen, Saskia's Huiskamerrestaurant, RTV NH, Wildernis, Café Cook, The Proud Otter, Crisp Sheets, Hello Frankie, Local Goods.